Specialists in Secondaries
CERATO, founded in 2015, is a boutique investment group focusing on alternative investments.

Our core strength is to analyze the value and risk of any investment, and make offers in difficult situations due to limited due diligence documents that are available or in distressed situations, where other investors generally shy away.

CERATO specializes on the following types of end tail investments:

1 Performing and non-performing secured and unsecured loans as well as other claims against private individuals or commercial entities.

2 Legacy positions which a party wants to dispose of, because it withdraws from the relevant business line or it closes a fund. Such positions can comprise of both debt and equity investments.

3 Liquidation of structure at the end of an investment could be in certain situations a lengthy process, e.g. if the relevant entities are the beneficiaries of a claim which itself is dependent on certain events or if they are subject to litigation. In such events, CERATO can take over the structure and manage it until it finally can be liquidated.

CERATO benefits from a flexible management with extensive knowledge and experience as well having the possibilty to execute a long term investment strategy. Above this CERATO’s is able to make promt decisions which leads to a speedy transaction process in benefit of all parties involved.

Deals can be single tickets or on a portfolio basis and are funded from equity, giving the seller comfort that a deal will happen, as it is not subject to financing.

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About Founder & CEO
Fritz Obermüller

Fritz Obermüller’s vita includes more than 12 year of experience in distressed loans and CMBS Special Servicing with a focus on restructuring and liquidation of real estate loans. He formally worked as Head of Business Development Europe for the US online real estate platform auction.com as well as LNR/Hatfield Philips both based in Frankfurt and London. Fritz Obermüller began his career as an Asset Manager at Hudson Advisors Germany GmbH in Frankfurt.

Fritz Obermüller is a qualified German lawyer and has a Law degree from Humboldt University in Berlin. He also holds an MBA from the University of Regensburg (irebs) and is a Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveys (MRICS). Fritz Obermüller is fluent in German and English.

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